Sunshine? Is that you?

So I woke up today feeling rather chipper.  It could be the ridiculous amount of sleep I got last night.  I passed up on a night out on the town and fell asleep at 8:30, in my snuggie, lights on…granny much?  Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s sunny today and I haven’t seen the sun since I can remember.  Or, maybe it’s the deeeelicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich I enjoyed for lunch, courtesy of #1 brother Alex Davis (Hill and Hunter, if you are reading this I apologize but you should know by now the key to my heart is food).  Since I can’t decide (what else is new?) I am going to say it’s a combination of all 3.

Those 3 things, plus the fact that it’s snowy, and Christmastime and I will be home in 2 weeks (!!), I’d say I have a pretty solid reason to be in a good mood.  Since I don’t work on Thursdays, I’m off to run some errands aka piddle around the Christmas market.  Below are some pictures of Christmas, Mulhous-er style.  I have to rub it in while I can since this is the only time of year when even Mulhouse looks pretty.

*photos courtesy of Raquel since my stinkpad crashed and burned.

If you are feeling green with envy (which you should), you can channel some of that jealousy


About Mulhouser life

Hater of French bureaucracy, lover of 12 hour work weeks, aspiring Mulhous-er.
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One Response to Sunshine? Is that you?

  1. Brett says:

    How proud it is to be a Mulhous-er !!
    I hope you don’t miss Russie tooooo much, it must be such a cultural change for you.
    Keep up the good blog.
    Je te sweat la bon chonse a Moolhouse 🙂 eh bon vakonse.
    Bises !

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