Fashion forward?

I think that one of the stereotypes of French people is that they tend to be very a la mode, very fashion forward.  I guess I have this impression from living in Paris and being among all of the fancy French designers and wishing that I could afford or even pull off half of the clothes I saw donned by the average Parisian.

There are 2 things I have noticed recently about clothes in France that I wanted to note.

1. French people dress for the season, not the weather, and it  I don’t know why this one simple quirk bothers me so much but it really does.  I mean take yesterday for example. It was in the mid 60s and people are running around in knee length down coats, toboggans and scarves wrapped so tight I wonder how it is possible they are even breathing.  It is almost APRIL people.  Let’s be happy that we are no longer freezing and show our appreciation by showing a little skin.  A little vitamin D never hurt anyone.

2.  It was brought to my attention last night while watching a French soccer match that they have changed their uniforms.  Now, I am not a big soccer fan (although I have become more of one since I have been living here) but this deserves note because it is hilarious.  The new jersey worn by French players is black and white striped.  Can we say stereotype at its finest? Who can tell me that when they think stereotypical French person they don’t think striped shirt, cigarette, beret and a baguette in hand? Something tells me the new design was created by a foreigner.


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Hater of French bureaucracy, lover of 12 hour work weeks, aspiring Mulhous-er.
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  1. Ouisie says:

    You Crack Me Up! ❤ Biggest Fan

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