French bureaucracy at its worst.

This morning (okay, this afternoon since I woke up at 1), I received a letter from the French health insurance office.  I FINALLY got my insurance card.  It has taken 7 months.  I mean really France? REALLY??!! Good thing I have been covered thanks to mon pere in the United States.  Otherwise, I could’ve been one sad, sick americaine.  Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time creating this high tech card (it has a memory chip and my face glued to the front) it would take less than 7 months to be processed.

I think I am feeling a bit under the weather and may need to make a trip to see my local medecin. I mean when in Rome…where the taxes are high and the prices for healthcare are low that is.


About Mulhouser life

Hater of French bureaucracy, lover of 12 hour work weeks, aspiring Mulhous-er.
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